Since the Spring of 2007, The CornerStone FarmHouse has specialized in restored antique furniture, beautiful floral arrangements, primitive crafts and much more. 

Holly, our shop’s owner, discovered her love of antiques at an early age. Her mother, a housewife and avid runner, has always found treasure in broken things – a discarded chair, a forgotten crystal brooch, an old teddy bear. She has taken pride in repairing and refinishing these items and making them “new” again.  Holly’s grandmother and she always told Holly stories of their own treasured heirlooms and embedded an appreciation for all things old and primitive in her.

Her father was a dedicated wood worker who taught her to preserve instead of purchase, and gave her an understanding of repairing and refinishing.  He instilled patience for this craft in her.

Before opening The CornerStone FarmHouse, Holly worked in dentistry. For six years during that time, she went to Ecuador where she served poor populations with her dental expertise. While she saw people of all ages, she’ll always remember the children. She still thinks of them to this day and hopes to return to continue her work in the future. For her, this experience was life-changing. It taught her to appreciate what she has and be grateful for the small things in life.

When Holly isn’t in the shop or discovering antiques, she’s spending time with her several dogs and cats. At an early age, Holly used to rescue strays and class pets, bringing them home to her mother for care. They rehabilitated wild animals, and gave a home to many dogs and cats. Her mother and she felt strongly that no animal should be neglected, hurt or forgotten.  Today, Holly’s pets range from puppy mill survivors, Craigslist castaways and strays who wandered onto their property. Holly enjoys supporting local and national rescues in her shop.

Holly couldn’t run the shop without her husband Brian, who built the shop itself and has created several woodworked pieces. They have several grandchildren and love to spend time with them, as well.

Holly loves finding something old and broken, and bringing it back to life. She also enjoys greeting new customers and helping meet their needs in antiques and decorating. If you have a special request, never hesitate to ask!

The CornerStone FarmHouse continues to make its customers happy with keeping traditions alive. Stop by to find your next heirloom-quality decoration, arrangement or antique. Or perhaps you’ll be interested in the line of SallyeAnder soaps, Capitol Earth Rugs or our brand of candles. The CornerStone FarmHouse is a preferred vendor of all of these great products.

You’ll find something to cherish at The CornerStone FarmHouse.

See us Thursday through Saturday 10 to 4. Call us at 717-515-5381.